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Physical Education at Seven Hills

6th-8th Grade Physical Education Course Description &
7th-8th Grade Physical Education Dress Code
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6th - 8th Grade Physical Education Course Description  
Seven Hills Middle School focuses on lifelong fitness and skill development. This is done through participation in physical activities (team and individual) with an emphasis on personal improvement. Students will develop the skills needed to be successful in various sports and activities. Improvement and effort are more important than mastery of the skills. Knowledge of the rules and how the activities are important. Development of fitness through strength, flexibility, and endurance activities will contribute to their overall health and wellness.
40% Participation
30% Dress
30% Conduct and Behavior
Daily​ ​Points 
4 - Participation
3 - Conduct and Attitude
3 - Dress
10 - Total per class period
Dress​ ​Code 
● 7th and 8th grade students are required to dress daily
● Up to three points can be lost each day if students fail to dress
● Additional conduct and attitude points may be lost if students continue to violate the dress code rules
● Dress code rules are posted in the locker room and gym for the students’ reference
● Team sports (Ultimate frisbee, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, street hockey, softball, flag football, badminton)
● Individual activities (running, flexibility, core strengthening, dance, jump rope)
Students who are successful in physical education
● Arrive to class on time.
● Dress appropriately.
● Work hard everyday.
● Have an enthusiastic attitude.
● Are willing to try new activities.
● Are team players.
7th-8th Grade Physical Education Dress Code 
  • Seven Hills PE Shirt                                                               
  • White T shirt
  • Sweat shirt of any color is allowed 
  • Seven Hills PE shorts
  • Black athletic shorts
  • Sweats of any color are allowed
  • Jeans may  not be worn at anytime
  • Rules on yoga pants/leggings follow the Seven Hills School dress code
  • Must be athletic
  • Will get dirty
  • Your name must be written on your PE clothes.
  • Keep a set of PE clothes and shoes at school. 
  • Seven Hills PE sweats can be purchased anytime. See Mr. Selby.