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Electives offered at Seven Hills

ART - This class is designed to give 7th and 8th graders an introduction and sampling of art projects that include some of the elements (line, form, color, value, texture, space) and principals (balance, variety, harmony, emphasis) of art.  This class will allow students to explore a variety of media, techniques and methods. Understanding and appreciation of self and others through art history, culture, and heritage may be highlighted. A variety of media and techniques will be used to create an active learning experience.

 BAND – Seventh and eighth grade Raider Band is for seventh and eighth graders who play a band type instrument. The first half of the year we will perform at the Constitution Parade, a fall concert and at a Nevada Union High School football game and a winter concert. The second half of the year, we will be performing a spring concert, an ice cream social, a music festival at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and at the eighth grade Promotion.   

 BICYCLE RECYCLE PROJECT - Our program is offered to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students each trimester during the school year. The Bicycle Recycle Project is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn bicycle repair and maintenance within a fun and safe environment. Students work in small groups as well as individually, building, refurbishing, and recycling bicycles destined to be offered to people in need. One of the goals of our program is that students gain enough proficiency in these skills to apply them in service to others in need throughout the region.  In addition, students in our program learn about bicycle safety and riding skill development and are given the opportunity to coordinate and conduct Bicycle Safety Rodeos for younger school age children in the community.

CHOIR - The Seven Hills Choir is a place for people who like music of any kind. Creating music and harmony together with others is where strong friendships are formed.  Come explore tunes and songs in many styles; not only traditional “choir music” but, this vocal band will celebrate harmony in all areas of music, including folk, rock, blues, pop and show tunes.  The group will prepare music to be showcased throughout the year at various school and community events.  It will be tons of fun, so bring yourself with or without experience. If you’ve never been a part of a musical group or vocal band then this will be the best place to start! 

 CROSS-AGE TUTORING - This is offered seventh and eighth periods.  Tutors will aid staff members and other students, clerical and/or tutorial.  Students signing up will be assigned to a specific teacher.

GARDEN PROJECT – All of the harvest from the Seven Hills garden is donated to help feed the hungry. This class is a great lead-in to both the green academy, the Ag classes and the Future Farmers of America programs at Nevada Union. The Garden project can also be used to fill in green books for 4H. Over the full school year, students will learn about soil preparation, cultivation, harvest and seed saving. Topics including agricultural techniques associated with organic gardening such as cover crops, composting, propagation, mulching, beneficial insects, companion planting, worm castings and no till gardening are taught. Students will also sell their plant starts at the plant sale at Open House in May.

 HEALTH (REQUIRED FOR 7TH GRADE) – The 7th grade health course is designed to increase student awareness and knowledge regarding wellness, which will enable them to make choices which will have a positive impact on their health. Units covered include communicable diseases, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and medicine, lifestyle choices, body systems, nutrition, and fitness.

LEADERSHIP –Students engage in leadership skills. Student Council officers and representatives meet to discuss and decide on school-wide issues. Our program is modeled after the Nevada Union Leadership Program.

SPANISH (REQUIRED FOR 8TH GRADE) – In this class, 8th grade students will spend one trimester being introduced to the basics of the Spanish language. Students will learn pronunciation and basic vocabulary that will make their transition into high school Spanish 1 more fluid.

STEAM ENGINEERING – STEAM Engineering Simple Machines is an elective course focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Over the course of the trimester, students will use problem solving and critical thinking skills in a cooperative group setting. Students will work as a team to design and build machines to solve a problem or perform a task. Throughout the trimester, students will learn basic building and construction skills while doing mathematical calculations and exploring the scientific concepts at work.

STEAM TECH SHOP – This elective focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Students will use small computers (Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino Uno’s) to create fun and useful electronics and robotics projects. Each trimester will have a different focus allowing students to retake the course and continue to create new projects. Some projects include creating flyable drones, robotics, and home automation solutions. Students will have access to 3D printing technology and CNC machines to make projects come to life. A portion of each trimester will devoted to reverse engineering in which students will take apart donated or malfunctioning mechanical or electrical devices. Along the way students will learn coding, 3D design, physical computing, mechanics, and advanced electronics.

STEAM YEARBOOK/TELECAST – Yearbook/Telecast will be the elective in charge of creating our yearbook as well as our pre-recorded morning Telecast video announcements. Our students will continually take on the task of documenting the school year. Students will learn photography, layout, film editing, and participate in the business of selling yearbooks. They will photograph and film sports and special events, assemblies, and will conduct interviews. Students will film and prepare entertaining and informative videos for our morning Telecast video announcements.