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What's Happening in the Shop

5th Grade
Kids have all the basic instruction they need to begin working on bikes! With just one more day of how to "triage" a bike they will be given a single speed, coaster brake bicycle to test their skills. Now the hard part is keeping up with the parts they need to get these things in good working order.
6th Grade
Now that the new kids are up to speed, the 6th graders will continue where they left off last trimester. They've all graduated to multi-speed bikes with hand brakes so the going can be slow and they will get frustrated, but that comes with trying new things. 
7/8th Grade
We're going full steam and just received a special group of bikes that will be going to victims of the recent fires through the Bike Angels program. Thanks to Chris Watson from American Ruckus for bringing us into the fold on this!